Why the workspace needs to be attractive?

With almost one in four UK workers planning to switch employers in the next few months due to burnout according to reports, and many of those who have experienced sofa-working and are now reluctant to leave it, companies are increasingly focused on the wellbeing of their employees.

It’s becoming more popular to create breakout areas that are user-friendly. Comfortable sofas, which are spacious and homely. Plants and rugs to make workspaces less clinical.

Adding more greenery to the room and more snug seating for lunches away from desks is a good way to relieve stress and give a sense of balance.

The standard office colour palette is shifting too, with purples, reds, oranges, and greens favoured over “corporate” charcoals, greys and blacks, while artwork is regular featured on walls.

Some larger businesses are also making their restaurants or canteens more appealing so that people want to come into the office and have their lunch and maybe breakfast.

While it may be interpreted as smoke and mirrors, the focus on “zonal areas” as opposed to desk banks is also helping to redefine the purpose of the office.

More bosses are now reducing the office space and creating new spaces within the room focused on collaboration. Meeting rooms and training areas are being introduced where workers can bring in groups of people and do the things they can’t really do from home.

Here are Redwood Search we have also been listening to our team and understanding the changes we need to make to our workspace to make us feel comfortable and happy. We take staff wellbeing extremely seriously and are open to making changes and adapting to the circumstances going on around us.

We have decided to create an office breakout room, which will offer an attractive workspace for our team to spend time in and an alternative destination to work other than the desk.  We will be sharing pictures of our new space once we have completed the transformation. Watch this space…