With many of you heading back into the workplace now the restrictions have been lifted, why not plan ahead and think about your desk set-up? You have to ask your self why your desk space is important to your health?

Your desk is where you’ll spend most of your time when you’re in the office and it’s important that your workspace is set up in a way that will have a positive effect on your mood, job satisfaction, productivity and your overall health.

When setting up your desk consider the following;
• Let there be light.
• Your posture thanks you.
• Are you sitting comfortably?
• Going green.

Let there be light. Natural light has lots of benefits. It encourages you to be alert, decreases stress. Improves your mood and also allows creativity to flow. Looking away from your screens and out of a window every 20 mins can reduce eye strain.

Your posture thanks you.
Getting your chair set up correctly can help reduce the risk of back pain. It’s important to have a chair that is adjusted correctly that will support your lower back. Ensure you have a chair that is easily adjustable so that you can change the height and back position. If you need help, reach out to your office health and safety manager who should be able to help or check out the NHS website.

Are you sitting comfortably?
Is your current keyboard and mouse your soulmate? Whatever your tech set up is, it’s no use without having the right support from your keyboard and mouse. Investing in the right tools can help improve and reduce strain on your wrists and arms. If you’re uncomfortable, you’ll find it hard to concentrate.

Going green
Desk plants can help brighten any workspace – not only will your work day start off a little happier, desk plants are proven to boost our wellbeing, and with that in mind, there’s even more reason to go green. Here are 3 adorable workspace plants to get you started.

If you’re able to switch up your workplace by embracing natural light, greenery and ensuring your tools are set up in the best way possible, you’ll create a workspace that is setting you up for desk success.
Happy desking!