If you find yourself spending too much on the screen for work or scrolling through social media, perhaps this information will help you. This is why a Digital Detox is good for your health and why it should be considered. Keeping your digital devices away and using them for a short break is important for your well-being and health.

Do you find yourself checking your phone as soon as you wake up? Or, maybe you usually scroll on your smartphone before you sleep as time slips away? Not to mention you spend your time working or studying from a computer.

If you do all those things, you may realize that technology is dominating your life. With technology, we can see most things happen online, and it helps our life easier.
Well, living in the digital era is inevitable. But, we could end up surfing on a smartphone without realizing what exactly we’re doing there.
You can start detoxing by taking small steps and keep challenging yourself periodically to unplug from digital consumption.

Digital detox refers to a time when an individual quits or refrains using gadgets. These include smartphones, computers, and social media platforms. This form of detoxification enables people to relieve anxiety and stress from overspending time on digital devices and the internet.

The Reason for Digital Detox
Issues can negatively impact your life and cause symptoms such as:
Sleep disorders
Quick temper
Loneliness and depression

The Benefits of a Digital Detox
Keeping your digital devices away and using them for a short break is important for your well-being and health. Here are some of the reasons for a digital detox:
Reducing stress
Reconnecting with people around you
Preventing addiction to digital devices
Discovering new hobbies
Having more time to experience nature
Getting time to do physical exercises
Practicing and enhancing mindfulness
Better sleep quality
Stable mental health

5 quick tips to help you with your detox:
1. Let your friends and family know what you’re doing.
It will be helpful if those around you know that you’re doing a digital detox so that they can avoid tagging you in any content that will interrupt your time away from the screen.
2. Try using a time limit app for social media or delete the apps all together.
If you find yourself checking your social media as soon as you pick up your phone this could be a helpful option for you! Many phones, tablets, and computers have options to set timers or “lock” certain apps.
3. Try cutting out just one social media platform.
Trying to cut everything out cold turkey can be difficult, so eliminating just one platform is a great start.
4. Keep the phones out of the bedroom.
If you’re someone who finds themselves scrolling through their phone while lying in bed, ditching the phone before entering the bedroom will help you have a more restful slumber.
5. Turn off your notifications.
The constant buzz or ping of your notifications can be a big factor in how often you are checking your phone. Try putting things on silent and limiting unimportant notifications from certain apps.

Regular checking on social media, phone, or emails is an indication of compulsion to devices. As much as love our phones to much of something is not good for us.
If you think you are these people, you can try digital detox week as a start. There are several benefits of detoxing from digital devices. It helps people have a healthy and balanced digital and real life.