After a turbulent two years for the jobs market, workers are re-evaluating what they want and retraining or switching industries and the most sought after roles in 2022 reflects this. Surprisingly the most sort after jobs in the UK pay just 24k a year.

Animal jobs are proving particularly popular. Lockdown catalysed an increase in pet adoptions and it seems jobseekers are looking to get in on the act by taking on pet sitting jobs. There is also huge surge in interest for roles such as NHS Call Handlers as Brits look to do their part and help the health service. This could also be a push towards flexible working with candidates looking to find roles that fir around family life.

  1. Pet Sitter
  2. Flight Attendant
  3. Aircraft Cleaner
  4. Shelf Filler
  5. Chauffeur
  6. Passenger Service Agent
  7. Corp Production Worker
  8. Animal Worker
  9. NHS Call Handler
  10. Market Researcher