There are plenty of reasons why you should clean up your CV and keep it on job boards. For one thing, at Redwood Search, we’re currently listing jobs from all over Worcestershire. Furthermore, many of these companies use our recruitment expertise regularly.

These recruitment consultants are a crucial part of your job search and will contact employers on your behalf after receiving your CV. If you haven’t uploaded your CV yet, do this today to demonstrate your potential to Redwood recruitment agency.

First of all, learn how these agencies can help you and read on to discover how a recruitment agency works.

What is a recruitment agency?

A recruitment agency is a company which sources talent and looks to fill job vacancies on behalf of external employers. One of a recruitment agency’s main selling points is that it takes the recruitment  workload off an employer’s hands.

Some of these agencies are national players with offices all over the country. You’ll find others which have only one office and a small number of staff.

Agencies can offer temporary, temporary-to-permanent or permanent roles, while many specialise in one industry.

How do recruitment agencies work?

A recruitment agency will ring employers to introduce its services and enquire about vacancies which the agency could source talent for.

Once the agency has a vacancy to work on, it will conduct a specific search on job boards such as CV-Library and ring the most suitable professionals who’ve made their CVs visible. The agency will ask about your CV, experience and your career ambitions.

If you fit the bill, the agency will send your CV to the employer. Then, if you’re successful, the employer could ask the agency to send you in for an interview. So, remember to spruce up your CV to make sure you stand out to agencies on job boards.

How can I find a recruitment agency?

Thanks to modern technology and the rise of the Internet, recruitment agencies are easy to find. Many recruitment agencies will leave contact details when posting jobs.

A quick search on Google will also help you find agencies, and many of these agencies are on social media, too.

How do recruitment agencies pay wages?

For temporary positions or temporary-to-permanent positions, workers through a recruitment agency have the option to be paid directly through the agency or through an umbrella company.

If you’re paid through the agency, the agency collects your tax. When working through an umbrella company, the umbrella company collects your tax. Workers through an umbrella company frequently have the option to claim travel expenses, too, but you’ll have to check with your umbrella company first of all.

Handily enough, recruitment agencies can also pay you self-employed through a limited company which you’re the director of. In this case, however, the company you’re working with must confirm you’re working unsupervised.

For permanent roles acquired through a recruitment agency, the company will pay you directly.

4 ways to get ahead when using recruitment agencies

Go over your CV point-by-point with the agency

Our first tip for working with a recruitment agency is to go over your CV point-by-point with the agency. Covering your employment history in detail will help the agency get to know who you are and your prime skills.

When discussing your CV, pick out each position and discuss your duties, the skills you used and any goals you might have reached. Give the agency a strong picture of your traits and the kind of employee you are in the workplace.

In doing this, the agency will gain deeper knowledge about your work history. This will allow the agency to give a more confident pitch on your behalf.

Tell the agency exactly what you want from your next job

You should also let the agency know exactly what you want from your next job and the rest of your career.

It’s vital that you clarify the duties, salary and location you’re looking for in a role. If there’s a smaller sector within your industry you’re looking to target, tell the agency exactly that so it can work effectively.

Remember, unlike during a job interview, you should be direct when discussing your expectations with a recruitment agency. If you leave no doubt as to what you want, the agency will be able to tailor its search to your needs. It will also make better use of its time by searching for the specific roles you really want.

Ask for inside knowledge before job interviews

One strength of a recruitment agency that it might be able to provide you with inside knowledge before job interviews.

If an agency puts you forward for an interview, you should still prepare by scrutinising why you fit the bill and practising the common interview questions.

However, thanks to the relationship between the agency and the employer, you should also prepare by asking if the agency can provide any exclusive information. We advise asking about the company culture, the interviewer’s personality and any previous success stories from other applicants from the agency.

By asking about what the interviewer is like and how other applicants have been successful, you’ll stand more of a chance of bonding with and impressing the interviewer. As such, you can use inside knowledge from recruitment agencies to become more likeable to employers and secure the job.

Keep up communication with your agency

A major part of forming a productive relationship with a recruitment agency is keeping up communication.

When working through a recruitment agency it’s vital that you keep the agency posted on your progress in the role. That way, the agency can work out whether it has made the best choice for you or where it might be able to improve. If you’re finishing the role soon, tell the agency straight away so it can find you another job.

Furthermore, if the agency is looking for work for you and you find a job elsewhere, tell the agency immediately. The agency won’t be chuffed if it seals you an interview, but you then turn around and announce you’ve been employed for two weeks. As with an employer, it’s best to keep a professional relationship with an agency whether you’re working through it or not.

You’ll now see how useful recruitment agencies can be whether you’re looking for part-time work to keep you ticking over or a full-time position to take your career to the next level. As they say, you’ve got to be in it to win it, so upload your CV to make sure recruitment agencies notice you.

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