A great salary is essential to a lot of office workers, however where you spend your working day is considerably more important for millennial’s, than any other generation.  New research has revealed 33% of millennial office workers put more focus on the office environment than their salary and benefits.

Different generations have different needs, and as this new research shows, millennial’s put their comfort in the office over salary, more than any other generation. For a long time salary and benefits packages have been used to attract the best talent, however, the millennial generation wants something different. Those aged between 23 and 38 have been the driving force when it comes to making the perfect working environment, from open plan, airy and natural light spaces to standing desks, fresh flowers and greenery. Millennial’s are also keen to have work areas that help improve mental health and employee productivity, compared to the sole-less bland and beige office we saw in the ’90s and early ’00s.

A survey of over 1,500 office staff aged between 18 and 65, by online office agency www.freeofficefinder.com, revealed that millennial’s want the office environment they work in to be the top priority, more than other generations. The survey asked respondents to rate the importance of what they look for looking for a new job. Most generations put importance on salary, however, shockingly the results showed that millennial’s will put their main focus on the office environment they will be working in.

Millennial Rankings

●        Office environment – 33%

●        Salary – 24%

●        Location – 23%

●        Flexible working – 11%

●        Benefits – 9%

Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Z

●        Salary – 28%

●        Location – 25%

●        Benefits – 19%

●        Flexible working – 15%

●        Office environment – 13%

Commenting on the findings Nick Riesel, Founder at Free Office Finder said:

“Millennial’s are put down a lot in the press for what may seem like outlandish demands to others, but is there anything wrong with demanding that employers provide their staff with a nice office when this can be a win, win for employers and employees alike. Some of the demands, which may or may not be exaggerated such as games rooms, safe spaces, gourmet kitchens and Instagramable spaces are a bit far fetched, but with companies such as Google & Red Bull creating quirky offices which cost millions to put together anything is possible no matter what your budget, you just need the imagination.

He added:

“You can, however, create a great working environment for your employees without too much extra cost. Companies can look at offices which are close to transport links and amenities, have light and airy spaces, look at adding standing desks or flexible hot desks for their staff or add comfortable break rooms and kitchens to their existing spaces.”

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