The recruitment world has changed! As candidates have more and more opportunity it is becoming challenging to attract the top candidates and keep them from your competitors.

Isn’t it time to re-think your interviewing techniques – Let Redwood Search help you…

An interview is an emotional experience for many people and can create a tough assessment environment for the candidates. Good recruitment practice is about setting a professional yet comfortable environment where the candidate’s performance is optimal. So many line managers can forget that interviews are a two-way process, and that the candidate’s experience needs to be part of the planning.

The need for employers to value recruitment as a two-way process, between recruiter and candidate is important if you wish to attract top talent. Focussing on the candidate experience: why would they want to apply; what are the benefits in terms of professional development and long term career goals.  Employers need to focus on the reasons why the candidate should work with them as opposed to their competitor and let them know what sets you apart. In the current market where there is a shortage of skills, it is an opportunity for the interviewer to promote their business to attract top talent to help the business grow.

The aim is to make sure the candidate has a positive recruitment experience especially as social media and word of mouth can have both positive and negative effects on your business. Regardless of an organisation’s size, industry or type of vacancy they are seeking to fill, employers need to prepare accordingly through their workforce, talent and recruitment planning. Perhaps it’s time to include candidate experience in the planning to be an employer of choice, and stay ahead of the competition.

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