Even BEFORE the pandemic, 61% of employees reported that they felt burnt out at their current job and 31% felt high levels of stress at work.

Stress is terrible for productivity. Think about it. When you feel frazzled, don’t you find it hard to do great work? This is why so many modern companies offer employee wellness programs. Studies show that these wellness programs can improve productivity by up to 11%. You don’t need a huge budget to launch a program of your own.

Good programs give your employees the resources and freedom to meet their personal health goals. Try some of these ideas to make room for wellness at your company.

• Encourage a 20 minute break each morning for a walk, a quick workout, or some simple stretching exercises.

• Set a company wellness goal. If your team uses fitness trackers, set a group goal to walk a certain number of total steps. If you meet the team goal, you can celebrate by going to get a healthy lunch together.

• See if your team health plan provider offers any wellness support programs.

• Get your team together to participate in a marathon or obstacle course race.

• Start a weekly fitness class, either virtual or in your office.

• Promote a healthy work-life balance by setting clear communication rules. If people are used to answering messages or sending emails after hours, put a stop to it

• Give your employees permission to take mental health days. They’re not going to be productive when they’re overwhelmed anyway.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you participate. You can’t force employees to take care of themselves. But you can set the right example. Stop sending Slack messages after hours. Talk about the meaningful things you do outside of work. If you set a wellness challenge, be the one to beat, a great way to prove to your employees that this stuff really matters.