Adapting to change is part of the process of life. But It’s how we learn to adapt to those changes that really defines us. Breaking out of our comfort zone is daunting prospect for many, but it’s also a great opportunity to be able to try something new and face your fears. Which often are never a bad as you build them up to be in your head.

Learning to adapt to change has never been more paramount than recently, with work environments and routines being flipped 360. Working from home and hybrid working were phases not too familiar 24 months ago, yet now they are regular terminology that workers now use to describe their current employment status.

If you are dealing with changes within your workplace and having to learn to adapt to those changes? .. Here are our Top Tips for adapting to positively changes in work environments.

  • Accept the change. Understand that change is a natural part of life, both in and outside of the workplace. …
  • Stay positive. Regardless of what group, department or company you are working with, a positive attitude is essential.
  • Get a fresh perspective. Getting an outside perspective from friends or family members outside of your workplace can have a powerful effect on how quickly you adapt.
  • Focus on what you can control. Allow yourself to be pulled into your work and focus on the tasks and responsibilities you have complete control over.
  • Set new goals. Setting a new goal can help to renew your purpose and give you the clarity of focus. …
  • Stay connected to co-workers. To maintain your productivity and workplace success, it’s important to stay connected to co-workers as your work environment is evolving.


During the pandemic Sportsmen and women also had to learn to adapt to changes and then adapt back once more, once the Covid19 rules changed for crowds to return into stadiums. As part of our Kicking Business into Touch series, professional rugby player – Isaac Miller explained how adapting to change effected his team, the Worcester Warriors

How to adapt to change?